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The original American munchkin cat breed is a rarity in the rest of the world. Its characteristic short legs are due to a spontaneous genetic mutation. This trait and its unmistakable nature make this cat so special to breeders and fans. 

The munchkin is an attached, calm and very sociable cat, as well as lively and playful. His dynamism is as high as that of other cats and is classified as medium-high. He loves to run and play. Despite their short legs, munchkin cats can jump, although not as high as other breeds. But the size of its legs does not limit its mobility at all. In fact, its speed is worth mentioning. In addition, they love to climb, so it is essential to have a scratching post at home.

munchkin kitten for sale


Age: 13 weeks old Breed: Scottish Fold Munchkin Gender; Female

munchkin cat for sale


Age: 11 weeks old : SOLD/RESERVED Buyer; Mishney Glaron

Scottish fold munchkin cat for sale


Age: 11 weeks old Breed: Scottish Fold Munchkin Gender; Female

munchkin kitten for sale


Age: 11 weeks old Breed: Standard Munchkin Gender; Female


Age: 10 weeks old : SOLD/RESERVED Buyer; Bromen Cabmile

munchkin kitten for sale


.Age: 10 weeks old : SOLD/RESERVED Buyer; Carine Mechigan

When my Munchkin kittens are 10-14 weeks old, they are fully inoculated and ready to go has been fixed. I take photos of the kittens every 4 to 5 days for the first 10-14 weeks of their lives to keep our website recent, and they can be found on our open Standard short leg Munchkin kittens For Sale page. If you're okay with it, send us an email us. They may cry and disturb uncontrollably during the day and night, missing their families. Conveyance is included with the compartment, and a small fee will be paid for their prosperity verification. EMAIL US: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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